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Delhi Weather

Weather in DelhiThe climate of Delhi is Extreme. Summers are very hot and winters are chilly.

Weather in summer
Delhi is very hot in the summers. Summer season persists from April to August. The daytime temperature remains very high and usually touches around 45°C. Night are relatively cooler typical of extreme climate and the temperature comes down to as low as 28 °C because of the cool breeze.

Weather in winter
Winters in Delhi are a lot cooler with day temperature pleasant around 24°C. And nights are chilly with temperature getting as low as 2 to 4°C. The winter falls around Mid-November and continues till February end.

Weather in Monsoon
As Delhi is situated in North India the South West monsoons are very moderate and rains heavily in very short spells. Relative humidity is very high to the point where it becomes uncomfortable. The western disturbances too bring a fair amount of rainfall. Approximate annual rainfall is around 60-65 centimeters.