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Local transportation in Delhi

Local Transportation in DelhiGeneral transportations in Delhi are Auto rickshaw and Radio Cabs because these are the good means to get around. Auto rickshaw is a cheap mode of transportation but drivers might not be friendly all the times. It is recommended to take rickshaw when you take congested roads, such as Old Delhi in order to avoid jams. Delhi Metro (counterpart of 'Subways' in United States and 'Tubes' in London) is the latest marvel, Delhi boasts of. This is a clean, fast and comfortable mode of transportation.

There are busses too but try and avoid them completely. If really short on money then opt for the one operated by the government owned Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses. Completely avoid private busses popularly known as 'Blue line'. Staffs are generally illiterate and bad-mouthed. If you take them, chances are you might be shoved, assaulted or even get molested.