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Movie Halls in Delhi

Movie Halls in DelhiIf there is anything, which can even, surpass the euphoria of Cricket in India then it is ought to be cinema. The Indian film industry popularly known as Bollywood is a household name in India. Almost everybody in India will have a word to say on his or her respective favorite actors. Can you believe, Bollywood produces more than 1200 movies in a year! That is more than all the movies produced by Hollywood and European Union combined. These cinemas are known for their colorful presentations and songs-dance extravaganza. They are very popular among the masses. Therefore long queues of cars towards cinema halls are a regular thing in Delhi.

As far as Theatres are concerned, Delhi and the national capital region have more than 200 cinema theatres in offering. The best are the ones owned and operated by entertainment giants such as Priya Village Road show (PVR), Adlabs Films and Wave Cinemas. The best ones are Priya at Basant Lok, Anupam at Saket, PVR Plaza and PVR Rivoli at Connaught Circus. PVR cinemas maintain these all. Wave Shipra at Noida is another good theatre. All the above theatres have very good international standard Projection system and Acoustics. But the best cinema theatre that has very few parallels in Asia, leave alone India, is Irean IMAX theatre by Adlabs near Anand Vihar in Delhi. This 3-dimentional theatre takes you to the world of virtual reality. The projection screen is 5 times the size of normal 70 mm screen.

All the above-mentioned theatres run latest Hollywood flicks apart from the regular Hindi movies. You can also catch some of the best regional vernacular flicks with subtitles. Try Bangla Movies by Oscar winning director, Satyajeet Ray.