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Entertainment in Delhi

If you happen to be an entertainment freak then Delhi is a place to be. There is a range of entertainment destinations in Delhi from movie theatres known as cinema halls in India, to Appu Ghar (Indian Version of Disneyland). Apart from these you can also go for any of the theatre to catch latest of plays.

Movies are the most popular pastime in India. Every weekend you will see long queue of cars moving towards cinema theatres. There are a lot of good movie theatres most of them maintained and run by entertainment giants like PVR, Adlabs and Wave cinemas.

There are lots of options if you have got interest in Plays and Monologues. Kamani Auditorium, FICCI Auditorium and National School of Dramas are the major place to catch latest of English or vernacular plays.

There are entertainment options for children too. Appu Ghar presents whole range of entertainment options right from various kinds of swings to Water Park. Apart from that you have National Science Museum where you can enjoy learning with the help of basic and complex scientific devices. It's not only for children; elders can also brush up their sciences and learn a thing or two.