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Communication in Delhi

Communication in DelhiGeneral means of transportation in Delhi are Auto rickshaw and Radio Cabs as these are the good means to get around. Auto rickshaw is a cheap mode of transportation but drivers might not be friendly all the times. It is recommended to take rickshaw when you take congested roads, such as Old Delhi in order to avoid jams. Delhi Metro is the latest marvel Delhi boasts of. This is a clean, fast and comfortable mode of transportation. There are buses too but try and avoid them completely.

Telephones in Delhi
Delhi or New Delhi is well connected to all over India and world through its network of STD and ISD services. The charges are as per the government norms and networks are generally congestion free. Cellular services too are available in Delhi with more than 10 players in the market including the government owned and operated MTNL service. Two different modes are available for service namely CDMA and GSM. We suggest GSM service because you can make use of your existing cellular set.

Internet in Delhi
New Delhi, being capital of India, has good Internet facility with private cyber café in nearly every nook and corner of the city. Nearly all high-end and budget hotels provide Internet facilities in the room itself. It has both dials up as well as broadband Internet facility with the fastest one going as high as 10 mbps. Going by the latest government directive, you will be required to prove your identity to the café owner before availing the Internet facility. This guideline has been issued in pretext of global terror threats.

Newspapers and Magazines in Delhi
All the major newspapers and magazines published in India and rest of the World are available in Delhi. Many of these are vernacular but a lot of them are in English too. Newspapers in other language such as Hebrew, Spanish as well as French can be made available on request, in high-end hotels. Though they are easily available at major magazine stores. Try 'Full Circle' in Khan Market or 'Magazine World' at Connaught Place also called Rajeev Chowk. There are some very good book stores too in Delhi. Try 'Midland' In Aurobindo Market and 'Oxford Book Store' at Connaught Place.