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Location South Delhi, near Lotus temple
How to Reach Take an auto or hire a cab or disembark at Indraprastha Metro Station and take an auto.
Timing From Sunrise to late night.

ISKCON Temple in DelhiThe ISKCON Temple of Delhi is located at the East of Kailash locality near the Lotus Temple. This magnificent temple has been constructed by 'International Society for Krishna Consciousness', an organization dedicated to the worship and propagation of Lord Krishna. The society has at least 40 temples in India and nearly 100 worldwide. Nevertheless this one, built in Delhi in the year 1998, is the class apart in terms of décor and Naqqashi.

The temple is primarily built of red and yellow sandstones. The interiors are less on ornamentation but have some very good aesthetic works. These were done by Russian artists apparently financed by the followers of this movement in the erstwhile USSR and central Asia. The paintings contain works depicting the stories of various deities such as Ram and Krishna. The main attractions of the temple are its central prayer hall, the temple museum and an Audio-visual hall. The central hall has among others a beautiful idol of Radha-Krishna. The wall of the hall is spattered with quotes and shibboleths. The temple museum has various models depicting Vedic tradition and culture including clothes, games, cuisines etc of that era. The state of art Audio-Visual hall on the other hand organizes multimedia shows to make the devotees understand the story of the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. The charges for these shows are very nominal. You can buy books and other materials from the stall placed at its gate. The AV hall also provide sneak peek to the views, philosophy and practice of the Hare Krishna cult. This is an interesting feature of the temple and should not be missed.

The festival of Janmashtmi that marks the birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated with great pomp and show. You will find devotees in the state of complete trance, dancing and chanting the hymns of Krishna. The whole orgy continues through the night. The temple is normally crowded in evening because of the Aarti, a ritual worth attending.