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Temples in Delhi

Temples in DelhiHinduism is the largest faith practiced in India and Delhi is no exception to this. Hinduism has been the major driving force of this county since ages. The Hindus constitute the major chunk of population in Delhi therefore no matter where you go; you will certainly find a historically or architecturally significant temple in the vicinity. Apart from the minor temples that pop up every other day following are the major temples in Delhi:

Akshardham Temple
The Akshardham mandir is situated in The Akshardham Temple Complex in East Delhi. If you want to explore the modern Naqqashi traditions, then this is a place to be. The main structure has been embroider with 20, 000 statues, floral motifs, arches and exquisitely carved pillars. The Swaminarayan sect of Hinduism that is very popular in Gujarat has constructed the temple. It is estimated that, the temple has been built at the cost of nearly 100 million Dollars.

Birla Temple
The renowned Indian industrialist G.D. Birla built Lakshmi Narayan Mandir or Birla Mandir, as it is popularly called, in the year 1938. The Mandir stands on an empty stretch of land southwest of Connaught place. The mandir is dedicated to Hindu deities, Lord Vishnu popularly known as Narayan and his wife, Goddess Lakshmi. While Vishnu is revered in India as 'Preserver', Lakshmi is considered the 'Goddess of wealth and prosperity'. There are idols of other deities too, notably Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga.

The ISKCON Temple of Delhi is located at the East of Kailash locality near the Lotus Temple. This magnificent temple has been constructed by 'International Society for Krishna Consciousness', an organization dedicated to the worship and propagation of Lord Krishna. The society has at least 40 temples in India and nearly 100 worldwide. Nevertheless this one, built in Delhi in the year 1998, is the class apart in terms of décor and Naqqashi.

Chhatarpur Temple
Chhatarpur mandir is situated on the Located on Gurgaon-Mehrauli Road in the southwestern outskirts of the city. Chhatarpur Temple is one of the largest and most popular Hindu temples of not only Delhi but of whole India. Before the construction of the Akshardham temple in the year 2005, it was comfortably regarded as the largest temple in India and second largest in the world after the historical Angkor Watt in Thailand.

Kalkaji Temple
Kalka Ji or Kalkaji temple is arguably the most visited temple in the capital. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kalka or Kali that in turn is reincarnation of Goddess Durga. The Temple is situated near the Okhla industrial estate just in front of the famous Lotus temple. Devotees throughout the years throng the temple, but the culmination point of the celebration comes during the festival of Navratri. This is a nine-day festival, during which a large fair is organized here. These fair are the Indian version of carnivals that is full with the vibrant commotion of hawkers and children. Small groups singing various hymns and songs praising Goddess Durga, accompany them.