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Churches in Delhi

Churches in DelhiChristians are very less in number as far as population of Delhi is concerned. Embassy and High Commission staff forms the major chunk of Christian population. They are followed by the Mongoloids group from the North-East India. In addition to that there are many Anglo Indians who also form a part of the Christian population of Delhi. Since Lutyens Delhi was the capital of the British India, the area has many beautiful churches. Most of these are Anglican and Protestant, but a number of them are Catholic too.

Cathedral Church of Redemption
Cathedral Church of Redemption is located on Church Road that stands to the west of Parliament House. Moving away from Connaught place, the majestic red piece of the architecture falls to the left. Henry Medd, a young architect par excellence, designed this majestic cathedral that was built between 1927 and 1935. Like most of the European architects of that period, he too belonged to the Lutyens' school. He has left no stone unturned in reflecting the same in the design of this cathedral. He wanted to maintain the harmony and continuity in the design as the church stands in the Lutyens bungalow zone, designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens himself.

Cathedral of The Sacred Heart
Cathedral of the Sacred Heart is located at the Gol Dak Khana near the Connaught place in New Delhi. It is a landmark post office on the roundabout in Delhi. The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart is not only the most important Catholic Church in the capital but arguably one of the best in entire India. Henry Medd who designed the Church of Redemption for the Anglicans designed this church to please the Catholics. His plan was selected among the eight plans put for the consideration before the panel of judges that included the likes of Sir Edwin Lutyens and Father Luke who was the driving force behind the construction of this beautiful cathedral.