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Museum of Natural History

Location New Delhi, at Mandi House
How to Reach Take an auto or cab or disembark at Mandi House Metro station
Attractions Models and miniatures of fauna and flora
Timing 10A.M. to 6 P.M except Sunday and Monday

National museum of natural history was inaugurated and dedicated to the public on 5th June 1978, on the world environment day. This museum was established keeping in mind the youngsters as well as elders and their quest for knowledge related to evolution. This is the best available recourse in this country regarding the natural heritage of India. Among others it works for the promotion of knowledge about vivid fauna and flora of this country. Working with the motto of 'Educating while entertaining', the museum has theme based galleries and hands-on activity areas.

National museum of natural history is divided into four galleries. The introductory section is fundamental in nature and talks about the evolution of life and basic introduction of the vivid fauna and flora of India. This gallery practically provides all possible information about the habitat and threat to the various members of animal and plant kingdom. The second gallery gives a peek about ecosystems and hazards they are facing. This section is a must visit to know about interesting facts related to dependence of man on flora and fauna and vice-versa.

The third gallery at the National museum of natural history talks at length about the endangered species of both plant and animal kingdom and gives stress on the conservation. These have been presented in eye-catching manner through various diagrams and models. The last gallery is dedicated to 'Cells and Tissues', the smallest unit of life. It explains the structure, functions, difference between plant and animal cells and many other related issues through large displays and models.