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Museums in Delhi

Museums in DelhiBeing the political and cultural capital of India, Delhi has a vibrant and active cultural life. Lots of effort has been put in to conserve the cultural and historical heritage of India. And when you visit Delhi and find umpteen museums and art galleries, you will know what we mean. Start from National museum and take a peek at the conserved heritage. Starting from The Indus valley civilization till the advent of British, you will get many things to see and appreciate. Gaze along the corridor containing things belonging to the Maurya dynasty and relive the golden era of the Indian History. Or else visit National gallery of modern art and appreciate the sublime works of some of the greatest masters of Modern Art. There is Fida, Sauza, Raza and much more. The center is considered, epicenter of the modern art movement in Asia.

If you are more interested in the modern history then National archive is a place to be. It contains documents belonging to every phase of the Indian history but special emphasis has been given to the modern era. Go through the documents defining the British rule in India and trail he formation of Indian Democracy. The same era will be relived in the Gandhi museum. This place showcases the various facets of the life of Mahatma Gandhi, the farther of the Indian Nation and the scion of Truth and Non-Violence. Right from the photographs from his earlier days to the bullets that finally killed him, you ask for the thing and it is here.

If you are a person with alternative taste then Railway museum will certainly catch your fancy. India has a long association with the railways and it is virtually considered the lifeline of this nation. From the Deccan Queen of 1862 build to he first electric locomotive, you will get a series of locomotives and salons to appreciate. It has a small information center too, which caters the queries of the visitors.

Delhi has a lot of culture centers too that are very active and have a vibrant cultural history. You can opt for any of them if you want to attend any seminar or other cultural activities such as music or dance performances. The most recognizable name is India Habitat center. The place has a very good ambiance and is regularly on the cultural radar of the masses. The other place that is nearby is India International center. This place has its own charm. Almost full with diplomats and bureaucrats everyday, this place is more on intellectual side and less on cultural one. Catch any of the film screenings and spend your evening amid the Nadirs of world affairs. Equally good and vibrant is the newly opened Indo-Islamic Culture center. The place aspires to be the Mecca of Indo-Islamic cultural heritage and is doing its best to become visible on the cultural radar of Delhi.