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Masjid Moth

Location Behind South Extension Market II, on Aurobindo Marg
How to Reach Take an auto or cab or disembark at Central Secretariat Metro station
Timing Anytime

Masjid Moth in DelhiMasjid Moth or Moth ki Masjid was built by Miyan Bhuwa. He was a wazir (minister) during the reign of Sikandar Lodi (1517-26). He built this masjid in the early 16th century. The first thing that you will notice about the structure is that it is raised on a platform. Try to get in from the eastern side so that you can see an impressive red sandstone gateway. This three-domed mosque is considered an important milestone in the growth of Indo-Islamic architecture.

The structure in itself is Turk-Afghani in its outlook but it is in regard to the ornamentation of mosques that Indo-Islamic effect can be noticed. Because of this special feature, architects consider it a milestone. The prayer chamber of the mosque has five arched openings. All of the arches are decorated in Indo-Islamic fashion which contains flora Naqashi. The mihrab, which has Quranic inscriptions in Naqashi, is in Iranian fashion. When you see it closely you will notice that special treatment has been done to the central arch. This arch is built of red sandstone but is decorated with marble.

The towers are double storied and have open arches. The cenotaphs build on the top are of Indo-Islamic fashion and are octagonal in shape. They were the first of their kind in India and thus were copied later in numerous monuments at places as far as Deccan.