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Khooni Darwaza

Location Old Delhi near Feroze Shah Kotla Stadium
How to Reach Take an auto or cab or disembark at Pragati Maidan Metro station
Timing Anytime

Khooni Darwaza in DelhiThe Khooni Darwaza was a building belonging to Sher Shah Suri's reign. This is situated opposite the Feroze Shah Kotla stadium. In the books of history, it is also mentioned as the Kabuli Darwaza. The most convincing reason for this name is because caravans to Afghanistan used to pass through this. The gateway is 15.5 m high and dominates the skyline. The construction materials used are strictly local and the prominent among those is Delhi quartzite stone. It has three separate flights of stairs leading to different levels of the gate.

The place has got its name because of the various bloodbaths committed in its premises. Emperor Jahangir ordered the killing of the two sons of Abdur Rahim Khan-e-Khanan here on the charges of being traitors. This marked the starting of bloodbaths witnessed by this place. On September 22, 1857 Major Hudson murdered the sons of Bahadur Shah Zafar, Mirza Mughal and Mirza Khizr Sultan and grandson Mirza Abu Bakar, at the gate. The prince fought vehemently along with the mutineers but was over powered. Other members of the royal family along with the old Zafar took refuge in Humayun's Tomb in Nizamuddin where they were later captured and put to gallows. Zafar was exiled to the then Rangoon. The Khooni Darwaza saw bloodshed again during the riots of 1947. Many refugees were murdered here while they were proceeding towards Purana Quila for their safety.