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Kashmiri Gate

Location Delhi Sadar near ISBT
How to Reach Take an auto or cab or disembark at Kashmiri Gate Metro station
Timing Anytime

Kashmiri Gate in DelhiThe Kashmiri Gate or double gateway was another gate built by Shah Jahan. The royal processions of emperors and Queens used to pass through the gate on their trips to Kashmir. That is how this Gate got its name.

However, when the British came to this walled city they altered many of the structures. They used modern construction materials to strengthen the walls and gateways in order to make them immune to the attacks. In the process, they fortified Kashmiri gate in 1835 and made it a double gateway later. Thus the gate became the only gate of the city or the existing kingdom with double openings, one for entrance and the other as an exit. This feature is unheard in both Indo-Islamic as well as Turko-Afghani Architecture.

This gate gained strategic importance during the 'Mutiny' of 1857. In the mutiny of 1857, the British used this entrance in order to prevent the mutineers from entering the city. You can still witness holes made by cannon balls used by the British to recapture the city. The ruins of Mori Gate are only visible from the gaps in the walls, which flank the road leading to the railway line. This line was the most important railway line at the time of British as it connected Calcutta to Delhi. This gate was demolished in 1867 in order to allow easy movement to traffic after the Mutiny.