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Tourist Attractions in Delhi

Tourist Attraction in DelhiBeing the site of at least 10 different regimes in the History and considered sometimes alongside Lahore as the heritage capital of Asia, Delhi has lots to offer when it comes to monuments. Numerous rulers have ruled Delhi and almost each one of them built something or the other to commemorate their respective era of rule. Therefore you will find minor or major monuments in almost each corners of Delhi. Some like Red Fort and Old Fort will immediately catch your fancy because of their sheer size and grandeur and some like Khooni Darwaza and Raj Ghat because of their inseparable tale in History.

The walled city or Old Delhi area contains most of the monuments related to sultanate age where as the New Delhi Lutyens Zone possesses most of the modern marvels. Start the tour from Old Delhi area and visit Red Fort. The fort and Jama Masjid themselves will take at least a quarter of the Day to appreciate. Then you have various Gates of the walled city, notably, the Kashmiri Gate, Ajmeri Gate, Delhi Gate and Turkmen Gate. Visit some of the alleys of old Delhi and you will see some or other monument calling you. Go to Qutub Minar and study the minaret closely.

In New Delhi you have India Gate to start with. President House, Parliament House and Lotus temple follows. Visit any of the museum or art galleries if you feel like appreciating art. Or take a salvation tour to the various a shrines in Delhi. You ask for the thing and Delhi will offer. Just visit it once and we bet you will cherish these memories forever. Bon Voyage.