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Roshanara Garden

Location North Delhi near Northern Ridge
How to Reach Take an auto or cab or disembark at Delhi University Metro station
Timing From Sunrise to the Sunset any day.

Disembark at the Delhi University Metro Station and start walking towards the Kamla market. Take the lonely pathway near the clock tower and it will take you to sprawling Roshanara Garden. This garden is still counted among the best Mughal gardens in India although it has lost much of its past grandeur. This is said that princess Roshanara, daughter of emperor Shah Jahan, laid this garden in the year 1650. Roshanara had enough money at her disposal to commission a garden like that; after all she was the most loved sister of emperor Aurangzeb.

The most important part of the Roshanara Park is Baradari or the Tomb of Roshanara. This is situated in the very middle of the garden and can be accessed from all the sides. Four pathways approach the main pavilion, one from each side. Though the tomb is in dilapidated condition at present, it looked grand in the past. The structure is roofless and has Mughal Naqqashi and Jaali work on every facet, though most of it has withered away in time. The interior of the hall was beautifully decorated with paintings, some of which can be seen even today on the ceilings of the hall. The courtyard was opened from one side only and had separate apartments built, possibly for guards. Mughal style fountains from each side surround the main building.

You will notice the British intrusion as you take a walk around the main building. The place served as summer retreat in colonial era, due to its location amidst dense ridge forest. In the year 1875, Andrews Cracroft, the then Commissioner of Delhi significantly altered the garden. He ordered to raze down all the buildings except the tomb, the northern gateway and the eastern tank. In 1923, a club was established on the Victorian format to serve the Anglo-Saxon elite of the city. Still considered one of the most prestigious clubs in Delhi, Roshanara club has a very beautiful cricket ground in its campus. Don't miss to spend sometime with urchins, playing cricket.