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Mughal Garden Delhi

Location New Delhi, in the heart of Rashtrapati Bhawan
How to Reach Take an auto or cab or disembark at Central Secretariat Metro station
Timing From Sunrise to the Sunset during the spring season, except Monday

Mughal Garden in DelhiSprawling across nearly 6 hectares of land, The Mughal Garden is located in the very heart of Delhi but remains out of sight. This is because it is situated in the very premises of the President house or Rashtrapati Bhawan. The Mughal Garden is not opened to public viewing normally. It is only during the spring seasons that usually on sets in the month of February and March, that the gates of this majestic garden is opened for the common people.

The Mughal garden was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and was the part of the original plan that was laid out for the establishment of Lutyens Delhi. This garden was apparently designed to suit the flavors of Lady Harding. The garden is an exotic blend of Mogul and Victorian architecture. Ironically it was much criticized by the then puritans from the world of Architecture. Lutyens took canals; multi-level terraces and flowering from the typical Mogul garden design and blended it with shrubs along with European flowerbeds, lawns and privet hedges that were typical of Victorian architecture. It was W. R. Mustoe who was bestowed with the work of planting trees, shrubs and plants in the garden. People were skeptical of its feasibility because of its location on Raisina hills amidst southern ridge. Nevertheless the two masterminds transform it into an oasis by 1929. The Gardens consist of three parts - the Rectangular Garden immediately behind the main building, the Long Garden and the Circular Garden.

The garden boasts of some of the most exotic and rare flowers and plants. The dwarf orange trees and numerous Rose plants are special attraction in the garden. The variety of flowers found here include Roses, Viscera, Jasmine, Sweet William, Oxalis, China Roses, Marigold and Bougainvillea and several other annuals and perennials. It has more than 250 rose varieties at one place and 60 kinds of Bougainvillea. Lutyens stressed on Indian variety to suit the climate and thus it has the best and largest collection of Indian Marigold flowers with 13 different varieties, Dahlias of all colors such as shades of pink, mauve, golden rust, red, white, yellow and even red and white striped dahlias.