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Gardens & Parks in Delhi

Gardens and Parks in DelhiThough Delhi is situated on the ridge of the Arravalis mountain range, it has nearly 23% of area covered by forest. Besides, there are numerous gardens and parks, which provide green ambience to the capital city of India. These green patches serve as the shock absorber to the pollution of Delhi. The efforts of district administration have paid off and the green belt of Delhi has actually increased down the decade. Numerous parks and gardens have been added to the already existing list in the last 5 years.

If you wand to have a look on the existing gardens in Delhi, start your morning with a walk around the historical Lodhi garden. Situated at the eastern corner of the Lodhi road, the Lodhi garden is the favorite among nearly every class and age groups in Delhi. The garden was established by the erstwhile Lodhi dynasty around their tombs and has beautifully decorated lawns and water bodies. If you want a Park with modern amenities then Buddha garden will serve your cause. Take a walk in this, somewhat low profile garden amidst central ridge and catch a quick bite in one of the many breakfast joints in the garden itself. It also has a kid zone especially dedicated to kids. Japanese garden is more a recreation center than a garden. It too has good facilities for the tourists. But the only thing to keep in mind is that, pets are strictly out of bound in all the above-mentioned gardens.

If you are fed up of the regular gardens then try, Said-ul-Ajaab or the garden of 5 senses, situated in Saket. The garden has been modeled on the descriptions of the Heaven in The Holy Quran. It has been modeled to suit all the 5 senses of human. It has good facility to eat and has an amphitheatre that regularly sees cultural events. Equally good if not better is the millennium park that runs parallel to the ring rode. This park is rather narrow but stretches close to 4 kilometers in length and has been beautifully decorated with rows of flowers, fountains and other water bodies. Among the old gardens Shalimar Bagh still attract attention. Situated amid the northern ridge, this garden is close to the Delhi University and attracts lots of lovebirds and casual watchers. Arguably the best garden in Delhi is the historical Mogul Garden in the campus of Rashtrapati Bhawan. The garden is out of bound for the tourists but open for 2 months for the general public in spring season.