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Garden of Five Senses

Location On Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, near Qutab Complex
How to Reach Take an auto or hire a cab
Timing From Sunrise to the Sunset any day.

Five Sences Garden in DelhiThe Garden of Five Senses is the brainchild of the Delhi Development Authority. Established in the year 2003, this garden serves all possible senses of human being i.e. you can see, hear, smell, touch and taste the nature around you. The garden is spread out in 20-acre and is slowly turning to be a hub of cultural activities. The garden of five senses has various facets serving the different senses of people, chief among those are Khas Bagh, Neel Bagh, Color Gardens, Food and shopping court, the Courts of Specimen Plants and amazing sculptures.

The Khas Bagh is the main garden among the cluster. This garden is designed on the pattern of Mughal gardens. It has been laid in 4X4 pattern with modern canals, shrubs and water bodies to bisect the medians. The fountains are fitted with modern colorful lightings that truly add color to the spectacles. Keep walking on the spiral walkway and it will lead you to the food and shopping court. This place has facility to eat and shop. Here, visitors can taste the delicacies from different states.

You can't miss something called Neel Bagh. Among others it has a pool of water lilies that is covered with a dome like structure and has different aquatic plants in it. There are also numerous wind chimes in the park, which add to the ambience with their sound.

Further attractions are the Color Gardens and the Courts of Specimen Plants. The Color garden is a magnificent collection and combination of ordinary flowering shrubs and ground covers. Where as Courts of Specimen Plants has a display of rare species of plants and herbs. In the end don't miss the twenty-five different sculptures and murals by the popular craftsmen.