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Old Fort

Location In New Delhi near Zoological Garden
How to Reach Take an auto or hire a cab or disembark at Praghati Maidan Metro Station
Attractions Gateways and 'Light and Sound' show
Timing Anytime, weeklong but 'Light and Sound' in evening only.

Old Fort in DelhiThe Purana Quila or Red Fort is located east of India Gate and is one of the major tourist attractions in Delhi. The city called, Dinapanah was built by Mogul emperor Humayun in the year 1534. Old Fort is the innermost structure in this city. The name 'Dinapanah' in Urdu means 'Refugee of the Faithful' and that is what Humayun intended to build. He, himself a scholar par excellence, wanted this city to be abode for scholars and artists. Sadly he himself wasn't able to keep control on his fortune and was defeated and driven away by Sher Shah Suri, the Afghan governor of Bihar in the year 1540. Sher Shah Suri renamed the city Shershahi or Shergarh and built many buildings in it. However In 1555, Humayun was successful in recapturing the city. He lived in Purana Quila itself till he died, falling from the Library Staircase.

Old Fort is a not a good fort in terms of ornamentation but is superb if you take it as a Garrison. The ramparts of this fort are very high and seem invincible. The high raised, massive walls of this fort are as high as 20 meters at places. The circumference of this fort is said to around 2.5 to 3 kilometers. Another very interesting feature which you will find in this fort is spy holes in its intimidating walls. This was the first time it was used in India and was copied in every other monument built after The Old Fort. These spy holes in the walls now act as the abode for migratory bird flocking to the lake underneath the Old Fort.

Old Fort does not have a complex of palaces, administrative or recreational buildings and that is what makes this fort abnormal and unique. The fort has gateways on 3 sides and a lake on the fourth side. In the North is Talaqi Darwaza. This gate was decorated with colored tiles and said to be build by Humayun. In the south is Humayun Darwaza, built by Sher Shah Suri and in the west is Bara Darwaza which is used today by the tourists and officials to enter the fort. All of the gateways are built of sand-stone and are double storied. It is beneath this gate that the 'Light and Sound' show is organized, every evening. It is a must watch program as it will take you to the historical expedition of Delhi and will leave you mesmerized.