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Delhi Gate

Location Old Delhi near Dariya Gunj Police Station
How to Reach Take an auto or cab or disembark at Pragati Maidan Metro station
Timing Anytime

Delhi Gate in DelhiDelhi Gate, one of the most prominent existing gates of the walled city is situated just opposite the Daryaganj Police Station. It was the southeast gate of the walled city of Shahjahanabad. It was build by the Emperor Shah Jahan in the year 1648. There is confusion among the Historians on its naming but the most reasonable theory claims that this gate lead to the previous cities of Delhi and thus it got its name. The road, till recently, was popularly called as Thandi Sarak (cool road). The street was lined with Pipal and Neem trees and thus, was shady. The road proved to be the meeting point for the subjects in the summer season and thus got its name.

This gateway is made of Sand Stone and is very dominating and intimidating in its outlook. Though it can never retain its grandeur, it still commands considerable charm. The interesting thing about the Delhi gate is that it has its century old wooden locking system. The system is very complex and thus it had remained unused since the times of British.