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Ajmeri Gate

Location Old Delhi near Chawri Bazaar
How to Reach Take an auto or cab or disembark at Chawri Bazaar Metro station
Timing Anytime

Ajmeri Gate in DelhiThe Ajmeri Gate is one of the gates of the city of Shahjahanabad. The original structure has remained nearly unchanged all these years. Of the main 13 gates of Shahjahanabad or walled city, Ajmeri Gate located on the southwest of the walled city is the most significant in the chronicles of History. Situated near the New Delhi Railway Station, the Ajmeri Gate is among the four existing gates that have remained intact and have somehow escaped demolition. Ajmeri Gate was named so because it was through this gate that the road to the city of Ajmer passed. Almost symmetrical in plan, the Ajmeri gate has a square formation. The gate has been built with high arched openings. During the reign of Emperor Shah Jahan, all these gates were well guarded and were closed at night. They were the only inlets to the city. Ajmeri Gate has been restored and is at present surrounded by a lush green park.