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India International Trade Fair

Venue ITPO in Pragati Maidan
How to Reach Take an auto or cab or disembark at Pragati Maidan Metro station
Timing Starts from 14th Nov, 10 A.M. to 9 P.M.

Trade Fair in DelhiIndia International Trade Fair or IITF is the biggest and the most popular fair in Delhi. International Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO) organizes this fair in the month of November. The fair showcases products not only from the various states in India but also from the various countries round the globe. The IITF was started to promote Indian products among the international buyers and vice-versa. The fair has been fairly successful in doing that. The fair is immensely popular among the masses and draws crowd in denomination of millions. In the fair season, you will notice long lines of vehicles crawling towards the Pragati Maidan, where this fair is organized.

The India International Trade Fair has separate pavilions for each state and smaller countries to showcase their products. You can choose from the widest possible range of products such as electronics, electrical equipments, commodities, textile, mechanical parts, crockery, decorative and what not. Literally speaking, you have the option to pick from a thing as miniscule as a needle to a thing as gigantic as Aircraft accessories. Towards the end of the fair you can get fabulous discounts but some of the pavilions such as China and Japan are out of stock even before the fair ends. Chinese electronic items have a very huge demand and often the supplies fail to match the demand. The same stands true for the soft toys and other accessories for children. Similarly Japanese high-end products are very popular among the upper strata of the society. Electronic equipments such as Television, refrigerators, Air-conditioners and music systems are high on demand at the Japanese pavilion.

Among the Indian stalls, handicrafts items are worth taking home. They are reasonably priced and are very authentic. Pick some of these as mementoes. Similarly, cotton dress materials are downright cheap in comparison to Europe and Americas. A wide range of both branded and non-branded clothes is on offer. Similarly you can opt for embroidered items that have a craze in Europe. And yes, don't miss to catch an Indian meal in any of the food pavilion.