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Jamia Millia Islamia

Location Near Jamia Nagar off Mathura Road, New Delhi
Established 1920
Colleges/Schools Various centers Sciences, Engineering, Arabic Studies, MCRC and Humanities
Courses Various including Sciences, Engineering, Commerce, Journalism and Humanities. Notably Islamic-Studies and West Asian Affairs
Hostel Facility Yes
Session Mid-July to April

Jamia University in DelhiJamia Millia Islamia is another important university in Delhi. The Jamia University is renowned all over Asia for West Asian and Islamic Studies. The institution is situated at Jamia Nagar off the main Mathura Road and has only one campus. The Jamia University was started during the Non Cooperation Movement. The nationalist leaders established the Jamia University in the year 1920, to boycott the then British run institutes. The center has developed in to an important center of education now.

The Jamia University has more than 6000 students on its regular roll and a number of them are foreigners. The university has a strong faculty support. The university has hostel facility on its campus for both boys and girls. The courses offered at the University range from engineering to journalism. The center of Persian and Arabic studies is very popular among the students of Sub-Saharan Africa and West Asia. Equally famous are Islamic Studies and Journalism centers. MCRC, the journalism center, is considered the best in Asia.

The Jamia University offers courses at both Under-Graduate as well as Post-Graduate levels. The Jamia University is a front-runner in terms of Sports and Co-Curricular activities. The university Hockey and Cricket teams are known for their achievements throughout India. The campus also boasts off a stadium of International Standards.