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Excursions Around Delhi

Lakes in DelhiThere are a lot of options as far as excursions around Delhi are concerned. Nearly all of these places are under 2 hours drive from Delhi. These places are known for their own peculiarities and attractions.

Start with the famous Sohna Lake in Haryana. The place is situated on a hillock just 60 kilometers off Delhi in Haryana. There is a very famous lake and spring there. Sohna Lake is slowly turning to be a health resort. The hillock is not very high but gives a picturesque look. Unpack your baggage and take a walk around the park and lake. If you are comfortable with Sulphur then take a dip in the hot spring. If you are not spent then go for the Damdama Lake in the vicinity. The lake is very popular among the youths and is a picturesque location to spend quality time. The lake resort also has facilities for water sports and camping. There are beautiful cottages made on the pattern of hut. The place is a must stay.

The Surajkund Lake is another destination to visit. The lake is very popular among tourists because of the crafts fair that takes place on its banks in the month of February, every year. The lake is actually a reservoir that was used to store water during the reign of Tomar Rajputs. The lake remains dry during summers but is filled with water in monsoons. Equally attractive is the Badhkal Lake in Faridabad. The lake is small compared to Surajkund and Damdama but is worth visiting because of the migratory birds. The place has night stay facilities and campfire. But your best bet around Delhi is Sultanpur bird sanctuary. The place is near the famous Bharatpur bird sanctuary and is modeled on the same.

It attracts numerous varieties of Migratory Birds in winters. Don't forget to carry a good pair of Binoculars and camera if you plan to visit this amazing bird sanctuary. The place has the Jungle guesthouse for staying, which organizes various activities for the guests.