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Damdama Lake

Location In Haryana, just 60 km from Delhi
How to Reach Hire a cab for night
Attractions Lake and water sports
Timing Any day, anytime

Damdama Lake in DelhiA time comes when you want to leave the past behind. You feel like leaving the madding crowd behind. You want a place that is so quiet that the only sound you hear is your breath. And that is what Damdama is all about. Located just 60 kilometers off Delhi, it is a place to reclaim life.

The Saras Tourist Complex that stands on the bank is very popular among the tourists. There are at least 15 cottages for tourists. The exterior has been designed keeping in mind the traditional huts in this area. Guest rooms are tastefully done and have all the comforts under the Sun. Each of these cottages has a separate balcony facing the lake. The colorful camping tents pitched on green slopes nearby are particularly charming. You can choose any of them depending on your budget and taste.

The water level of this lake is not uniform as the only source of water is the Monsoons. In the summers the water level is particularly low. During the rains its level shoots up dramatically, reaching 50 to 60 feet in places and covering about 7 square kilometers of area. Though the exact area of Damdama is difficult to measure because of its minor streams that change course depending upon rain. In fact, the contours of this lake change on daily basis.

Cormorants, Terns, Egrets and Kingfishers are regular to the Damdama Lake. But the king among these is Cranes or Saras, as it is called in Hindi. Late summers and Monsoons are good time to visit Damdama. Facilities for boating on the lake are also available.

There is a hillock at the far end of the Damdama Lake. This is an offshoot of Arravallies. On the way up, you'll come across poultry and goats in a little farm with ingeniously built stone huts belonging to nomadic Gujjars. Spend some quality time here and forget the world. And yes, that is what Damdama is all about.